Stylish in Red

Guess who this is????
Rumour has it that from time to time women looking like this one are enjoying the facilities of Burj Al ARab.
Rumour has it that a couple looking very much like that one got a splendid estate at the Palm Jumairah.
Rumour has it that a couple looking like that one was posing in front of the Dubai paparazzi last year at the computer expo Gitex.
Rumour has it all............but one think is for sure - pictures like this guarantee publicity!
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Fashionista said...

watch out next time you go to the mall! You can see meeeeeeeeeee.....

ProShopper said...

at the Mall of the Emirates or the Souq of the Medinat Jumairah

Jeff said...

Dude i like your red theme its my fav color have a peep at my blog at
and was planing to theme my this blog ( red and white for a sometime .will get it done soon